Our Work

To truly ensure climate action it is important to do more than merely
pledge to go green for the sake of appearances. ProClime’s approach to
the climate space involves delivering a compelling and authentic
message, grounded in tangible solutions and actual results.

The company aims to make the journey to net zero profitable, thus encouraging businesses to
proactively adopt sustainability, rather than merely conforming to regulations.

ProClime Vision & Mission

Carbon Projects

ProClime's main services include carbon projects to assess a company's carbon emissions and design projects to balance emitting and absorbing carbon into the atmosphere. Services in this category include carbon offset products in addition to creating long term, profitable carbon sequestering plans. ProClime’s approach to carbon projects delivers on climate action promises and goes past greenwashing.

Carbon Trade

ProClime facilitates carbon trading, enabling non-climate companies to offset their emissions by purchasing carbon credits from climate companies. This service also helps communities build high-quality carbon credits for trade.

Check Revenue potential from your renewable energy plant.

ProClime Vision & Mission
ProClime Vision & Mission

Climate Investments

ProClime offers climate investment services by funding projects that reduce carbon emissions, such as renewable energy initiatives and energy-efficient building upgrades. Its mission is to create a sustainable world through comprehensive carbon reduction efforts in collaboration with both climate and non-climate companies.

Renewable Energy and
Carbon Neutrality 

As an expert in International Renewable Energy Certificates (I-RECs), we offer: 

  • A seamless and efficient path to RPO compliance. 
  • Personalized energy solutions tailored to your unique needs. 
  • A commitment to sustainability that goes beyond environmental impact.

ProClime facilitates the Sale and Purchase of a variety of I-RECs, in a growing number of countries and that go beyond environmental benefits to guarantee additional social impact   

ProClime Vision & Mission
ProClime Vision & Mission

Agriculture and
Afforestation Services

Harness the power of sustainable land management and unlock the potential of carbon credit programs by 

  • Utilizing conservation tillage or no-till farming practices.
  • Implementing improved manure management strategies.
  • Integrating cover cropping and crop rotation into your agricultural practices.
  • Engaging in forest management practices that promote carbon sequestration.
  • Creating diverse landscapes that enhance biodiversity and resilience against climate change.

Nature Based Solutions

Nature Based Solutions holds the key to 37% of the
mitigation needed to meet the Paris Agreement. It includes:

  • Wetland restoration and forest conservation are recognized
    for their ability to address climate change threats.
  • An affordable alternative, NbS often offers cost-competitive
    solutions compared to traditional grey infrastructure.
  • Co-benefits include NbS support biodiversity, improve water
    quality, control floods, and enhance air quality.

ProClime Vision & Mission
ProClime Vision & Mission

Technology based
Carbon Offset 

We empower businesses to combat climate change by
investing in these projects, which include:

  • Renewable Energy Projects
  • Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)
  • Methane Capture
  • Energy Efficiency Projects
  • Emission Reduction Technologies
  • Carbon Removal Technologies

ProClime empowers you to:

  • Quantify and offset your carbon footprint.
  • Choose from a portfolio of impactful projects.
  • Receive transparent reports and verify carbon credits.
  • Contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable future.